The steamy mist parted as I made my way to the mirror.The question was vibrating in my mind as I moved closer and closer to the mirror causing emotions to stir, a mixture of dread and anticipation churning inside my stomach just like the haze that was swirling around me. I could smell the sweet scent of citrus floating in the air as I saw my form appear in the mirror. I was a stranger looking back at me. I took a deep breath letting the refreshing scent fill my lungs hoping that the scent would wash away my darkness. I swallowed before slowly letting my breath out and asking the question - Who am I? 

The steam from the shower surrounded me touching my skin like a forgotten kiss. I continued to stare into the dark pupils that were glaring back at me, my long brown hair hanging in damp strands around my oval face. I moved closer to the mirror hoping that if I stared long enough I would see that the answer was always there.I just needed to look a little deeper, a little harder. I took another deep breath before asking the question again. 

"Who am I?" This time desperation was in my voice. Blank almost lifeless eyes continued to look back at me. I had to wonder if they were mocking me. I looked deeper into the eyes patiently waiting for the answer to explode like a series of fireworks. Yet every morning it was the same - silence.  

The only sound was my breathing, steady at first but soon increasing with the hope that today might be the day. Who was that person staring back at me? The question was always swirling in my mind sometimes making me dizzy, most of the time the question was just an endless hum.  

A pit of disappointment in the center of my heart expanded. Why do I continue with this sad ritual I thought? I pushed myself away from the mirror with a heavy sigh thinking that maybe tomorrow I would get an answer. I dragged myself back to the bedroom my shoulders slumped and my heart heavy. I slide my body back into the security of my bed pulling the covers over my head to block out the morning light that was trying to break through to my room letting me know that it was the start of a new day.Maybe if I sank deeper into my covers I could escape the loneliness and guilt that surrounded me. The one person who could give me some glimmer of an answer to my question was gone. I cried myself back to sleep knowing that she would never return.
Laura Kelly is a project manager, fitness instructor extraordinaire, and social butterfly. She has worked full time at Los Alamos National Laboratory for over 26 years and part time as a fitness instructor at the local YMCA for over 20 years. Her claim to fame is that she can teach everything but Zumba.

During her free time Laura volunteers at the local art center and the animal shelter. Laura has built a wonderful life in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where she likes to say that she grew up in this small town as an adult, but is still a kid at heart. Her favorite activities include skiing, playing golf, and the occasional athletic event. She loves cooking and her ultimate dream is to be a sous chef for Bobby Flay.

Laura has always wanted to be a writer. She made that dream happen in 2015 with her first book, Splintered Reflections, to be published in August 2016. Future books will range from fictional books revolving around romance and relationships as well as her adventures in online dating and trying to find the one. Laura can happily say that she did find the one. Laura and her husband, Dave, are looking forward to many years filled with happiness and adventures.

In all that Laura has done she always strives to inspire. She hopes that you will be inspired by her blog and books.

I really enjoyed reading Laura Kelly's book Splintered Reflections and found myself wanting more! I caught myself thinking about the story while I was doing other things, and was eager to get back to reading it when I had to set it aside. Ms. Kelly painted a picture that enabled me to step into Cathy's life and feel what she was feeling, and see what she was seeing. I believe the mark of a good book is when it stays with you when you finish it, and that is true for this book! ~Erika Gorman 

A must read for anyone whohas ever asked the question "Who am I?"The author brings her reader through pages of intense personal andinterpersonal questions with incredible character development throughout thewhole book while intertwining a fascinating story of family, friends, trust,betrayal, abandonment, doubt, love, pain; capturing all the emotions every oneof us has experienced. The author held my interest all the way through to thelast page, not afraid of exposing truth.The ending; a surprise; a twist worth it's wait. Kudos to Laura. 
~Angie Corbett-Kuiper, Spiritual Healing Coach, The YOUniverse Coach, LLC

"An intriguing and descriptive story from the very beginning. An emotional page-turner that left me waiting for more. " ~Yvonne Williams
Shattered with the disturbing loss of both her parents, Cathy struggles with her identity asking every morning as she looks in the mirror Who Am I? Riddled with guilt and plagued by the issues left unresolved with her mother's disappearance, she reluctantly pushes outside the box she has created for herself. Rescued from her isolation by a new friend named Jane, Cathy begins to break free of her shell through Jane's insistence that the world's adventures are to be embraced. Further, challenged by a demanding, creative writing Professor, Cathy discovers the cathartic effects of writing as she pours her thoughts and feelings onto paper, transforming not only the blank piece of paper but also herself. 

As if emerging from a fog, Cathy's recovered memories enable her to look within and begin to piece together the shards of her shattered life.Through her small network of friends and mentors, her self-doubt slips away as her confidence begins to grow, and she discovers that the answers she seeks lie within. A wistful first love brings a touching element to remind us that there is a Cathy inside all of us.

Many will identify with Cathy's loss and loneliness, a condition which plagues most teenagers. While we feel her ennui, ultimately we are uplifted by the triumph of her spirit. With subtle grace, complicated wisdom, and striking emotion, Splintered Reflections reminds us of our human capacity for resilience, epiphany, and self-realization. This is a contemporary and relatable tale of personal growth, discovery, empowerment, and, finally, self-forgiveness that old and young alike will find compelling.